THC Free Distillate



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Contains no-detectable amounts of THC via third party testing.

There is a lot of media buzz about CBD these days and the industry is exploding. A few years ago, CBD was a niche product that only a few people knew about. From humble beginnings, CBD has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. From anxiety to pain and just about everything in between CBD has been reported to help by many. There have been many people though who fear trying CBD because it is in the cannabis plant family. They do not want to consume something with THC.

There is also the fear that they will be let go from their job for failing a drug test. The great news is here at Eagle Moon Hemp we make a variety of products that are THC free such as our CBD isolate and our THC Free CBD Distillate which contains no-detectable amounts of THC via third party testing.


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