Cosmic Diesel CBG Hydroponic

Organic Hydroponic
Limited Edition
Small Batch

Effects: Very potent, uplifting, great for high levels of relief and relaxation
Smell: Super funky and cheesy
Taste: Same as the smell

Absolutely beautiful smaller buds



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Cosmic Diesel Hydroponic CBG is super stanky! It has cheese, wood and floral undertones! This strain is great for medicinal relief and even better when mixed with a cbd strain to help you achieve the ultimate entourage effect.

Please check out the lab reports for the specific details on the cannabinoid and terpene profile. Below is an at a glance of the reports as well as additional details.

Cosmic Diesel Hydroponic CBG aka (Stardust CBG) Specifics:
Genetics – Unknown
CBGa % – 11.91
Delta 9 THC % – ND
Total Cannabinoid % – 12.3

These buds are a nice mix of small, medium and large size.


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